Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Human Killer (only an example)

september 11.Some Islamists (some not all) celebrating the beginning of a fight.A fight against the nonbeliever,against the bad western world in the name of God.
Its a bit similiar to the crusades...

September 11.An american president starts war against the nonbeliever...wait nonbeliever?...aren't...what?!
How schizophrenic there is a man reading "The very hungry Caterpillar" and besides he sends some young folks into a conflict which is sooo needless.What a waste of young souls.But this president is caged so deep in his paranoia that he cannot stop looking after nonexistent and very dangerous (almost so dangerous as the presidents) weapons. Oh my dear and after his opinion God stands by his side...

It`s the intolerance which will kill the humans.People can`t endure that there are other people with other opinions,cultures,religion...Crikey!A human being is a human because of all these varities and Nobody is worse just for living his/her way.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

There is nothing to loose and nothing to gain.That was what I was thinking this time.I didn´t care about me or the people around me,both just annoying.I wanted to break out.I was looking for a solution.There was the world of kids like me.A place without question but with understanding.
To late I realised that I can`t solve this problems on my own. The kind of freedom I was living was only a never ending fall but it was to late to ask for help.At the end the situation became more difficult.
Now I`m back in the "normal" world.Its a strange feeling and sometimes I long for old times.But I quit with such fucking shit and will hold this life.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

There are signals from the outside which make them acting.What a game,What a fucking game.When you know the roules and follow them people will be proud of you yes they will love you!!Control yourself for being effective!Fuck off!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I don't care

Nature is older than human beings.This epoch of human beings on this little star called earth is just a moment.Human beings are a part of nature.Nature developes in a slow way.When the enviroment is changing so fast that life can`t follow it can die.Maybe it will never exist a more wretched figure than the human beings again in the history of nature...who knows

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The others

The human beeing is a social nature.Thinking and acting is connected/influenced with/by other human beeings around us.A theory about personality says that a part of ourself exists by imitating other people.In a day someone can play different roles(the father,the boss...).Some roles are automatic, some are unconscios.For me the most interesting part in that scheme is that many say what the most say,though they have different opinions.But why they can`t justify their own thoughts? Maybe they aren`t brave enough, sometimes it`s a strange and unpleasent feeling to be alone (not everyone can have such a personality like Abraham Lincoln) or they dont want to stand out. But this kind of conformity could be very dangerous. When someone stucks in a situation in which he/she has to decide if he/she (for example) hurts the person like the others do or if he/she says that is stupid what you are doing, What would the most do? When that implied someone doesn`t open the mouth he/she will never know if there is anotherone who has the same opinion.In the Hitlerfascism was conformity a assumption for this cruel power and control.
Its difficult to act independent of the environment,espacially when there is pressure/compulsion in a group.
But a real independent person doesn`t always refuse the others opinion.(An anti-conformist shows a behaviour that is influeced by social expecting as well as the conformists behaviour,only in the other direction).Independent people decide for theirself. They follow the majority, when the majority have the same opinion.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Think about...

If we would reduce all humans to a village of 100 inhabitants:

♠50 would be undernourished

♠70 would be illiterates

♠only 1 would have a computer

♠57 Asians 21 Europeans

♠1 would have an academic diploma

♠14 American (North and South)

&spade;30 Christian

♠70 black 30 white

♠6 people would own 59% of the world richness.All 6 people would come from the USA.

♠52 women 48 men

♠11 would be homosexual

When you have something to eat in your fridge
when you have a place to live
when you have a bed in which you can sleep
than you are richer than 75 of these inhabitants.
When you have an account
or a little bit money in your trouser pocket
than you are one of the 8

Is life only a dream?

No. If I were dreaming I’d no notion of dream.

But maybe I am only a brain in a water-glass and a malicious professor has hooked up my brain with thousand of red cables and gives me electrical impulses. The impulses let me believe that I have a body and that I’m writing this nonsense at the moment. In reality the malicious professor makes me thinking that to mess my brain-waves. Yes, it’s all a Illusion. But when I don’t know if it’s true I’ve no reason to believe that.

And when nobody has put some LSD in my drink maybe I’ve only reached such a dangerous terminal stage of alcoholism that I begin to hallucinate.